Take 2 months off a year while you grow your business,

without worrying about money.


Ladies, making more money in your business doesn’t have to be hard.

Hi! I’m Louiza, I’d love to show you how.

It’s time to grow your business on YOUR terms and kiss that 60+ hour work week goodbye.

You landed here because you took bold action to have that lady boss life.

  • You said YES to being an entrepreneur, so you quit your cushy corporate job.

  • You said YES to a life of freedom and more money.

  • You said YES to that laptop lifestyle you see on Instagram.


Now, you’re almost 2 years into your business...


and the freedom you thought you were leaping towards hasn’t happened Yet! (Operative word "yet")

  • You’re extremely ambitious.  

  • You’re a go-getter.

  • You’re 1000% committed to your goals.


You’re starting to think it’ll take 5 years to get to where you want to be. Where is that magic fast forward button?!


I hear you, sister! I was there once too. I was working my booty off, trying to grow a business and make enough money to live the life I desired...



I work 4 days a week.

I work 3 weeks per month.

I take 2 months of vacation a year.

AND I don’t worry about money!

If you’re allergic to being a workaholic and you want grow your

business with more freedom and fun! Let’s chat.

Emily Merrell   Founder Six Degrees Society NYC www.sixdegreessociety.com

Emily Merrell
Founder Six Degrees Society NYC www.sixdegreessociety.com

After my first meeting with Louiza, I had the opportunity to undo several blocks and push myself in a new way. I saw the real potential to be a coach and to make money beyond our monthly events. Since Audacity began, I gained the confidence I needed to believe in myself, lock in my first 6 month client, and put funnels in place to land future clients.

Since joining Audacity, I’ve raised my prices and created streamlined processes for both my business and my personal life. I’ve put boundaries in place and learned to work smarter, not harder.

What would be possible if you had .... 

Confidence to Raise Your Rates

Courage to Say “NO” to Everyone & Everything that Doesn’t Excite You

Strict Work-Free Time Off & Three Day Weekends

Trust to Book that Luxurious Vacation in Bali

Sound good? Ready to learn more? Read on!

I started my own Life/Success Coaching business before I hired Louiza, but I had little structure for my business and only one client. Within 5 weeks of hiring her, I grew my business to 8 clients and a steady income comparable to what I was making in my corporate job in NYC before moving to CA. Through Louiza’s coaching, I’ve expanded on my confidence, knowledge, skills and organization in order to make my coaching practice successful in such a short amount of time.
Aimee Batuski   Life & Success Coach http://www.aimeebatuski.com

Aimee Batuski
Life & Success Coach http://www.aimeebatuski.com

Intensive Course & Mastermind


This four month journey is for ambitious women entrepreneurs who are committed to building financial abundance and a lifestyle full of freedom, self-care, and travel. This intimate environment combines live virtual training, group coaching, private coaching, accountability structures, masterminds, brainstorms,  and community all in one. If you are passionate about the work you do, want to scale your business to six figures and committed to enjoying your life with up to 8 weeks vacation a year, this program is for you.

This intensive course combines group calls and private sessions to make the most of your time. It allows you to get direct, individualized support but also to learn from other incredible women. You'll also get an accountability partner to help push you forward on your goals and keep you on track.

By application only. Enrollment is now open.

Chantal Firouz

Chantal Firouz

Lindsay Lawless   Founder, Lawless Balance

Lindsay Lawless
Founder, Lawless Balance

Since graduating from the Audacity course, I feel more aligned with my ideal client and with relating to myself as a business owner. I’m also more confident in setting and adhering to boundaries with clients, and feel more organized in my business. I’ve noticed a shift in my confidence, and the way I relate to myself as a business owner. Prior to Audacity, I kept my business hidden. This wasn’t intentional, but I wasn’t putting myself out there and sharing my business with others. Now, I’m more vocal about my business, and excited to share my wins boldly!
Since starting Audacity, I have grown my income, created a plan to break 6 figures in 2019, started my first book around Healing Relationships with Money and mapped out my coaching program, all while taking 6 weeks of vacation this year! I am also more clear and concise about my business, brand, and the change I want to make in the world.

I have way more free time to flow through life rather than feeling rushed or overextended. I am much more effective at managing my time and energy. I feel the joy returning to my life that my perfectionism and overworking tendencies had started to drive away. I can take rejection in stride without it affecting my momentum and I handle money conversations powerfully!