How to BE an Entrepreneur

who takes at least 8 WEEKS Of VACATION

While making more money

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In This FREE Online Workshop You'll Discover...

  • The #1 Strategy That Will Pay For Your Next 2 Week Vacation (but not doing it, is currently costing you money)

  • Unlock Your PROSPERITY POSSIBILITIES That Will Double Your Income

  • Discover The 9-Layer Foundation That Will Give You An Instant Breakthrough On How To STOP Overworking Yourself

  • Activate #1 Strategy For Confident Decision Making In Your Business

  • Discover The FREEDOM FORMULA To Setting Boundaries That Will Get You Your Weekends And Evenings Back

+ There will be a Q&A @ the end to answer ALL your question

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The 9-Layer Foundation You Need To STOP Overworking Yourself


Why You Need An Effective Process To Be Decisive And Confident With All Of Your Decisions


The TOP Strategy On How To Set BOUNDARIES And Have The Schedule You Desire



If you're tired of feeling frustrated because your business isn't growing fast enough to vacation as much as you'd like — you're going to love what you learn.

In this 90-Minute FREE Workshop, you'll get...

  • The BEST strategies for entrepreneurs to get unstuck when "not knowing how"

  • The 9-layer foundation you need to STOP overworking yourself

  • Why you need an effective process to be decisive and confident with all of your decisions 

  • The KEY strategy needed to set BOUNDARIES and have the schedule you desire

  • A preview of Audacity - so you know if it's right for you


Aimee Batuski ,  Life & Success Coach

Aimee Batuski, Life & Success Coach


“I started my own Life/Success Coaching business before I hired Louiza, but I had little structure for my business and only one client. Within 5 weeks of hiring her, I grew my business to 8 clients and a steady income comparable to what I was making in my corporate job in NYC before moving to CA. Through Louiza’s coaching, I’ve expanded on my confidence, knowledge, skills and organization in order to make my coaching practice successful in such a short amount of time.”


“Louiza is fierce, yet loving. She does not mess around. I can tell she understands the value of her own time and that leads me to really appreciate her. Working with Louiza has given me a head start, “no excuses anymore” approach to really getting started on growing my business!”

Victoria Parmenter , Pardon Our Mess | Life & Accountability Coaching,

Victoria Parmenter, Pardon Our Mess | Life & Accountability Coaching,

Emily Merrell , Six Degrees Society,

Emily Merrell, Six Degrees Society,


“After my first meeting with Louiza, I had the opportunity to undo several blocks and push myself in a new way. I saw the real potential to be a coach and to make money beyond our monthly events. Since Audacity began, I gained the confidence I needed to believe in myself, lock in my first 6 month client, and put funnels in place to land future clients. 

Since joining Audacity, I’ve raised my prices and created streamlined processes for both my business and my personal life. I’ve put boundaries in place and learned to work smarter, not harder.”