Welcome! I'm Louiza Megan.

My goal is to add more fun, freedom, courage, power, and joy in your life than you've ever dreamed possible so that you're unstoppable in your business, scaling to six figures.

 I believe it's crucial to get out of your comfort zone and stop procrastinating.  You deserve to feel proud of yourself while you're smashing milestones on your way to your big business and personal goals.

I'm known to deliver the highest support, accountability, motivation, and empowerment to those I work with. I'll have you looking at life and business in new ways.

A little about me, I was born and raised in New Jersey. Was an entrepreneur from the get go.  I always knew what I wanted and believed in, but had a hard time expressing it because I wanted to fit in.  The desire to be liked often got in the way of being my authentic self. It wasn't until college, I finally let my true colors show. I no longer cared what others thought, I wanted to be me.


There is something quite magical about not being able to fully understand another's culture. A few year later, I moved to France. It was an exhilarating feeling to be immersed in a new culture.  I became friends with people from all around the world and since I couldn't predict their unique realities, it gave me the freedom to really be myself.  There was no such thing as fitting in when you are talking with someone from another part of the world. It was satisfying to share everything my heart desired. What if we related to all humans in the same way instead of trying to read their minds?


Intimacy can happen in an instant, all it takes is choice. It's fascinating how connection is automatically chosen between people whom are out of their comfort zones and strictly living in the moment. What if we chose to have this mindset always?  In the 21 countries I've visited, being with people, seeing how they interact, and how they share joy will be something that always captivates me.


Nothing beats watching humans become fully ALIVE. My passion has always consisted of supporting people in accomplishing their dreams and go after what they truly desire.  Encouraging people to go for what they really want was what I did for fun. It always brought joy to my day.


You never know whose life you're changing. My first serendipitous result was with a pianist I met when traveling in Germany. We met when he was playing piano for fun during his 2 week vacation. After traveling together and standing for his dream, he is now a full time pianist who plays all over the world.

For over 7 years I have participated in transformational education which is all about shifting how we perceive reality so that you can experience and take on life with power.  I always knew being a life coach was my calling.


Money has a sneaky way of sabotaging our happiness. My first job out of business school was in management. Instead of admitting I hated my daily routine, I focused on being grateful.  I looked forward to my lunch breaks where I would read about living a life of passion. After long days, I had no energy to exercise or even see my friends. All I wanted to do each night was fall asleep. I avoided my reality and thought, was this my future? Money was the only thing that kept me in the rat race.  While I was learning, this work was not for me. I found myself doing my inner purpose through connecting with the employees. Everyone seemed to be feeling what I was and I wanted to support then. I accepted my reality and realized this job was not serving my true desire of being a life coach.

Clarity makes all the difference in where you're headed. It was not until a devastating heartbreak that I knew how precious my time and energy was and I was wasting my talents in this role. I left my job, took a demotion in my career and started working for a company that value personal goals. I knew my 10 year vision was to be a life coach. I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

When you know it's right, jump on it! I was committed to my future of living my purpose, I jumped in to the coaching program, Life and Leadership Training Program by Accomplishment Coaching. A rigorous year long program,  which is one of the world’s finest ontological coach training programs. As an ontological coach, my work focuses on “being” before “doing.” I partner with clients to get past the barriers of lack of time, lack of money, lack of resources and support. I first distinguish what clients want their lives to look like and what’s in the way. Then, together, we co-generate a plan that makes the impossible life possible and take the steps to realize & create it.

My purpose is to bring power, confidence and courage to your life so that you're unstoppable, creating the life and business of your dreams. Life is short, live a life you want. The time is NOW.