Kelley Bode, CoFounder of Renee's Raw Chocolate

Kelley Bode, CoFounder of Renee's Raw Chocolate

Our business went from literally nothing, to being sold in 30 different stores, including Whole Foods, and we’re expanding everyday.

I have more in my savings account than I ever have before. I paid off all my credit card debt and raised my credit score significantly by 230 points.

I tend to dream big and but have a hard time executing. Louiza reminds me what I’m really committed to and makes sure that I do what I said I was going to do.

I had no idea how I was going to pay for the coaching. I was working a serving job, starting to restart my familys company, and pursue a career as a dancer. I was living with my mom and barely making ends meet. I also had plans to move from Chicago to LA in about 4 months, all the money I was making that was going towards survival, were being saved for that move. It seemed impossible that I could generate that kind of money, first of all even to move, and then absolutely insane that I could also be paying a life coach. 

I had no idea how to run a business. Our business went from nothing, literally, to now being sold in 30 different stores, including Whole Foods, and we're expanding everyday. We've generated over $70k in investments, grants, and loans. My income has also more than doubled. I have more in my savings account than I ever have before. I paid off all my credit card debt and raised my credit score significantly by 230 points. I also made the move from Chicago to LA really seamlessly and I'm so excited to say that I'm moving into my own place this weekend, that I paid for completely on my own, something I have never done before. 

What I like most about working with Louiza is having someone to hold me accountable. I know I'm the type of person who dreams big and doesn't usually execute. I love having Louiza to bring me back down to Earth and remind me what I'm really committed to and make sure that I do what I said I was going to do. 

The value that I've gotten from coaching is really going from little girl to grown woman in all areas of my life. I now know myself as someone who can run a business and who can overcome any obstacle that I am faced with, and of course, fear and blocks still come up and that's the beauty of getting to check in weekly with Louiza, because we get to look at those blocks, break them down, and create something new. Through coaching I have expanded what I thought was possible for me. I moved forward in areas that I was so resistant in (ie: dating) and had experiences and growth I would've never had otherwise. Coaching was the push that I needed to take the steps that got me to these things. 

I would describe Louiza as loving and warm and at the same time powerful, straight forward, an unwavering stand for me. I would recommend her service to someone who is committed to have a life that they love and, most importantly, that person needs to be willing to do the work that is required. 

Kori Zornes Transformational Retreat Owner

Kori Zornes
Transformational Retreat Owner

Cindy O’Brien, Life, Liberty, & Lipstick

Cindy O’Brien, Life, Liberty, & Lipstick

Through coaching I have been able to fully go after my dream business. Louiza was able to help me move past the fears of not being good enough and believe that I could create the life I wanted. I now have full belief that I can create whatever opportunities I desire with the right mindset and support.
Since starting Audacity, I have boundaries and patched up all of my energy leaks. I got my weekends back so I can actually spend time with friends. I noticed my social life was suffering before working with Louiza and I had no time for dating. I figured I would start dating once I had a thriving business and had time... which would have left me single forever!

Victoria Parameter, Pardon Our Mess | Life & Accountability Coaching

Victoria Parameter, Pardon Our Mess | Life & Accountability Coaching

Charlene Absalon, Haitian Creme Liquor & Ice Cream Owner

Charlene Absalon, Haitian Creme Liquor & Ice Cream Owner

Alex Sabol, Start Up Investor & Consultant

Alex Sabol, Start Up Investor & Consultant

Since our first call I increased my income by $4500 in less than 3 weeks! I’m really able to see that when I value myself and my time more, so will my clients.
Coaching gave me the sense of self importance. Prior to coaching, I was constantly ill due to not taking the time to rest my body and mental state. Today I know my limits and have a set schedule and routine to maintain myself. It’s an amazing feeling to be in control of your life again.
Louiza’s coaching has literally changed my life. Within the first two months, I began coming from a place of confidence in myself and my ability to go out and live the fullest life I could. I found myself living a much bigger life with many fewer regrets. I was moved to action in every part of my life - my relationship with myself, my relationship with women and my relationship to my goals. It has been an incredible experience.


Louiza is an amazing person. She is a connector and a center of warmth and joy. Her presence is contagious as is her abundance of energy. She was always an enthusiastic cheerleader for me, but would at the same time challenge me to take the tough steps to move myself forward. Her support helped spur my growth and development.

I questioned what coaching could actually do for me before we started working together. What could all this possibility that we kept talking about actually look like? Without being able to understand all the possibility in front of me, I also didn't know if the investment in myself would be worthwhile. With Louiza's help, I definitely was able to see the possibility and appreciate the investment I made in myself.

Louiza's ability to connect with me and help me better understand myself were what made the experience so valuable. Louiza also challenged me and allowed me to see the barriers that I was putting in my own way so that I could knock them down and move towards my goals.

Louiza has supported me in gaining a new awareness of my life and my potential future. Her coaching has helped me make the choice to not do things the way that I always have and instead take action into new uncharted waters from a place of love and power. From this place, I have been able to take accountability for my actions and take responsibility for my future.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Louiza's service. She has helped me co-create an incredible future for myself. Her intuitiveness and guidance have allowed me to make incredible changes in my life - everything from starting to date again to beginning to work on my own business to creating a plan to run the New York City marathon. My path to success that I am currently on is my own path, but I would not be here if it were not for Louiza's guidance.

Eulix Vargas, L.Ac, LMT   Owner of Soft River Acupuncture

Eulix Vargas, L.Ac, LMT
Owner of Soft River Acupuncture

I love that I discover something new about myself every time I coach with Louiza. There is a lot of self development and personal growth involved in every coaching session which has led to self-empowerment even at the subconscious level. This has been one of the most highly valuable investments I have ever made. The value behind this level of coaching is priceless as it takes you on a path of living your life powerfully and on your terms.

This year I went to the Philippines for a month and took a total of 8 and a half weeks of vacation. In the past I was afraid my clients would find someone else if I went away on vacation and I was afraid of losing money. I didn't take vacation time because it would mean no money. I'm ready to give more to my patients because I'm giving more to myself. Clients are happy to see me taking care of myself. I used to consider taking off as an expense, now it's a joy because I know that taking vacation times makes me more productive and efficient and much better practitioner. I set my clients up powerfully before I leave, I give them actions to take while I'm gone, and I have my calendar filled when I return. I want to travel more. Now I'm committed to peace and fun and you create structures to keep your clients happy. Vacation is self care. I used to believe that I didn't deserve it and needed to wait until I had a higher income. I used to get some work done during my vacations, now I never open your computer on vacation. I used to feel guilty if I spent any amount on myself. 

Adam Garcia, Pharmaceuticals Sales Rep & 5Linxs Entrepreneur

Adam Garcia, Pharmaceuticals Sales Rep & 5Linxs Entrepreneur

Through working with Louiza I’ve eliminated 90% of distractions, increased my sales performance, I am top 10 in my job, I’ve made significant connections in my business, achieved my ideal fitness level, empowered my relationship to commitment, communicated more effectively, and developed a deeper relationship with my wife and children.

Initially I feared the cost of coaching, but I knew it was the exact thing I needed to take me to the next level. It was so valuable to have someone listen through my excuses and push me outside my fears weekly, so that I’m living at my highest potential in all areas of my life. 

 I would recommend Louiza to anyone who truly wants to take their business and life to the next level. For me, my excuses and fear of rejection were keeping me limited. Thankfully, Louiza was there to keep me committed to my goals and reverse my self-limiting fears so that I was moving forward and taking actions. Now I’m producing new possibilities and continuously growing professionally, personally and spiritually." 

Stephanie Schneider Cocktail Bar Owner

Stephanie Schneider
Cocktail Bar Owner

I am very happy that I made the decision to work with Louiza and to make the commitment to change my life. I have such a better understanding of myself and now I have concrete tools to use to create the life that I want. It is true that you can do anything you set your mind to - but sometimes we need a little help to learn how to break through old habits and familiar yet stifling behaviors.

Louiza is supportive and real.  She is positive and brings great energy to every call.  She is determined and relentless in her curiosity to delve in. She is challenging and resourceful.  

I have become much more aware of when I am blocking myself from what I want.  I have been learning the tools to be aware of when that is happening and the also what to do to break through that.  I have become much more communicative in all of my relationships and that has contributed to me being more powerful in creating what I want.  I have become much more aware of my strengths and self worth which has allowed me to not worry about outside affirmations and contributed to me making powerful decisions.  This has produced results with my relationships, dating and my business.  All the people in my life have witnessed these changes and they also have become inspired.

I really like the process of breaking it all down and getting to the core of what is really happening. I also really like the support and positivity that Louiza provides.  There are tough moments and she is challenging, but there is always a sense that she is there to help and support and that I am doing the right thing.  I like how she helps me create the "possibility" and "probability" when I never thought I could.  I also really like that she acknowledges me and the work that I am doing - it's very energizing.  

I would definitely recommend it to someone who was truly committed to making changes in their life.  I truly see that it can work.  I also feel like I am gaining the tools that will help and support me for the rest of my life.  

Courtney Reynolds  Wedding Photographer

Courtney Reynolds
Wedding Photographer

I raised my pricing and I’ve been so happy to learn that clients will still book me! I value myself as a business owner and feel much more comfortable making choices out of that space than out of a place of fear.

Charlene Absalon  Haitian Creme Liquor & Ice Cream Owner

Charlene Absalon
Haitian Creme Liquor & Ice Cream Owner

Coaching gave me the sense of self importance, my wellness, business worth and self worth. Self worth and importance have boosted my confidence, which resulted in my willingness to put myself out there.

Prior to coaching, I was constantly ill due to not taking the time to rest my body and mental state. Today I know my limits and have a set schedule / routine to maintain myself. It’s an amazing feeling to be in control of your life again.

I never considered coaching and did not know what it entailed. I was stuck with my life which bled into my business. Dating was something that would have been nice but was not something I wanted to do.

Coaching hit some major points with my business and building a new structure for it. I noticed the types of clients I attract are more B2B and wedding clients, a more focused angle and goal, knowing the worth of my products, and not losing customers due to price increase. 

Putting myself out there taught me a lot of things about myself which I took for granted or didn't realize. Business, work and life balance/wellness has helped out things into perspective, which forced me to take a step back to reanalyze my life. Over the past few months, I have created a routine that has resulted in a better time management. I am not afraid to communicate with others, whereas before I held back as to not offend or disappoint. My dating life improved 100% and became an exciting game once I felt more comfortable going out with men.

Aimee Batuski, Life& Success Coach

Aimee Batuski, Life& Success Coach

Louiza is outgoing, committed, smart, a great listener, respectful, confidential and loving!

I started my own Life/Success Coaching business before I hired Louiza, but I had little structure for my business and only one client. Within 5 weeks of hiring her, I grew my business to 8 clients and a steady income comparable to what I was making in my corporate job in NYC before moving to CA. Through Louiza’s coaching, I’ve expanded on my confidence, knowledge, skills and organization in order to make my coaching practice successful in such a short amount of time. 

I was terrified of investing so much money in my own growth and development, on a consistent monthly basis before I signed up for coaching. I was worried I wouldn't be able to grow my business quickly enough to pay Louiza, and that I would go into debt or something else horrible would happen financially and the coaching wouldn't be enough to get me out of it. I'm happy to report that didn't happen!

My favorite thing about working with Louiza is her ability to listen so closely to whatever it is that I'm dealing with, and hear the golden nuggets in everything I say and point out things I may not even see myself, or limitations that I've been blind to. Getting connected to another perspective has be discover things I didn't see before our call, and she reassures me with her confidence and ease that I will always generate value through our calls in whatever it is I'm dealing with in my life.

I would recommend Louiza's service because she provides consistent, unwavering support and skilled coaching looking at whatever people get stopped by, and how they can overcome those blocks. It's valuable work and a powerful contribution to anyone's life.

Wiley Putnam, Wedding Photographer

Wiley Putnam, Wedding Photographer

Louiza is a constant source of support, positivity, and inspiration. She’s a friend who listens, supports, and challenges you. She’ll help you define, pave, and navigate your own unique path to success.   

The biggest value I’ve gotten from coaching is learning the tools to overcome my mental hurdles that have kept me from success in the past. Louiza has helped me organize and define my business, relationship, and personal goals. Coaching has been empowering, inspiring, and extremely beneficial; I’m so excited for the future and to embrace my full potential.   

My biggest hesitation before working with Louiza was if coaching would “work;” if it would be worth the time, money, and effort. I have never had any previous professional coaching and wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. I’m so glad I put my fear aside and committed to coaching.  

The biggest change I’ve noticed is an overall sense of mental organization. Louiza has helped give me the tools to be able to concentrate on my short and long term goals while combating mental hurdles that previously slowed my progress. She holds me accountable and pushes me to succeed in all areas of my life. I feel refreshed, focused, and determined with my business. We found areas for improvement and implemented much needed changes. In addition to organization, Louiza has helped move the business in a consistent positive direction.  

My relationship is much stronger and more balanced. I’ve become a more committed and supportive partner. I’m so happy and excited for the future.  Overall, my life has more direction. Before working together I described myself as floating along, but now I have clear goals and a plan to achieve them. I’m excited, passionate, and embracing positive change. 

My favorite thing about working with Louiza is when big breakthroughs happen; when I turn a big corner with myself, my relationship, or my business. I look forward to our calls all week; they’re a way to mentally refresh, focus, and continue to grow. I love being held accountable for my goals and being pushed to follow through. Louiza really is a coach; she wants the best for me and to help me succeed.   

I would absolutely recommend Louiza. Working together has been an extremely positive and empowering collaboration.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for positive changes in their life but unsure of the first step.  To someone who is hesitant about working with Louiza I would say: the first step towards cultivating real change in your life is putting fear and doubt aside. It can be scary trying something totally new, but it will be so worth it. Louiza’s expertise and support has been invaluable to me. Words can’t describe how happy I am that I put my own fear and hesitations aside and committed to working with Louiza.  

Matt Ng Personal Trainer

Matt Ng
Personal Trainer

I would recommend Louiza simply for the positive change she has help me create in my life. I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to take action and jump into creating change in their lives.

I’ve created the feeling of balance and fulfillment in my life through coaching where I struggled before. I’m held accountable and thus promotes productivity. And overall it provides a sense of purpose in my life.

[I knew] it was going to be challenging and doing things like stepping out of my comfort zone, squeezing things into my already busy schedule, and challenging my way of thinking.  But I also knew its worth it too.

My dating activity significantly increased to where I had to manage who I should see.  My social connections strengthened and I no longer feel lonely.  Overall I am much happier and content with myself and where I am heading in life. I enjoy the control I have to do and create whatever I want.  And if I change my mind or don't like something, I can just change it work on something else!

Louiza is very supportive and also provides a level of brain storming assistance for new ideas and ways to approach things. 

Samantha Lawler, Staff Developer & Forgiveness Project Speaker

Samantha Lawler, Staff Developer & Forgiveness Project Speaker

Coaching has made a powerful difference in my life. Thanks to Louiza I have shifted how I experience confrontation and how I get to be when it shows up. This awareness has given me the opportunity to have power and control in many situations of my life on an ongoing basis.

Through coaching I learned to trust myself and see that only I can come up with a solution that works for me. Louiza guided me to find the answers for myself that were not only effective but left me empowered.

I would absolutely refer Louiza to others. She is always full of joy and life. She has a beautiful way of listening to people with her heart & hearing them as their full potential. Louiza does this not as a job but as a love for others.”

Christa Lapinig, Yoga Studio Owner & Blogger

Christa Lapinig, Yoga Studio Owner & Blogger

Louiza is that smart, empathetic, down-to-earth, clever, honest, kind-hearted, quick-witted, and resourceful girlfriend that every woman needs. I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable, sad, upset, and to let her know my deepest desires, something I usually wall up to keep strong. I did hide the few times she got in me tears over the phone, but she at least got me there to release that energy and move forward. She’s the ultimate supportive goal-pusher.

The hesitations I had before signing up for coaching was purely financial. I’ve done coaching before so I knew the benefits of coaching were worth it. I had absolutely no extra money at the time to begin coaching right away because I just started a new business and had invested everything I had in it. So it took me a few months of straightening out my situation with my business, family, mortgage, and job. The other minor hesitations I had was the time commitment because sessions were on a weekly basis and maybe even the effectiveness of the coaching.
I am on my 8th month of coaching and my life has definitely been less stressful, which says tons, because I naturally create loads of stress for myself. For my life, my already strong outlook on life has only gotten bolder and more confident with Louiza. My moments of fear, second-guessing, and questioning are now rare and far in-between when it comes to my crazy goals. So less stress = better health = 5 pounds lost = more time for myself, family, and happiness.

Since coaching I’ve been able to shift my role in my studio from overwhelmed yoga teacher, to smart business owner, to savvy entrepreneur. I’ve been able to build a strong and reliable team to help me with the tasks that I could wisely let someone else handle so I can tackle the business generating responsibilities. My yoga studio and I are still growing, but through coaching I learned that I don’t have to do everything myself and through planning and action, my goals can be achieved.

My deep rooted life-purpose is to be a professional blogger and to be able to finally express my creative side and my love for it. Therefore this had the most blocks, hurdles, emotions, complications, excuses, and pretty much where a lot of the work went towards. But with Louiza's candid and insightful listening and coaching, I’m miles closer to launching, after 3 stagnant years of trying on my own and suffering on the inside about it. The thing I discovered about this is I actually had to straighten out my life and my business because it was killing me. And now that’s been smoothed out, my full attention is now on my blog.

Andrea Lawrence, Professor & Non Profit Founder

Andrea Lawrence, Professor & Non Profit Founder

There have been tremendous changes in my life through working with Louiza. Within the first two weeks I found time in my schedule to date. Within the first month I was interviewed for a new job making 30k more than I was making. Now every board of directors position has been filled for my non profit organization and we have plans, goals, and meetings in place. I also found time to join the gym, something I thought I would never happen because of my busy schedule.

One of the most important changes I have noticed is my relationship to the word urgency. 

I did a life changing course before meeting Louiza and while it was amazing I did not get the one on one accountability every week for each area in my life. Before signing up I was hesitant because I was concerned about the money and was not sure if the results were real. Money and time were my two considerations, and after the first week with Louiza I was able to identify other area in my life where I was hesitant to make choices because of these two factors. A conversation with her transformed my hesitancy and my perspective on not enough money and not enough time. 

The noticeable changes are around my mindset.  The conversations provide access to something I never thought about before.  They are not just ideas. But actions to take in areas of my life that are important to me. I am job hunting looking for substantial pay more than before. I've increased my compensation request. My dating has transformed. I am clear on what I want and have become much more direct in my conversations about what I want.    
The feature I like the most about coaching is that, Louiza's Socratic method. She never "gives me " answers, and she always has great suggestions. She is so open, non judgmental, understanding, and a great listener.  She hears  even the things I'm not saying. 

I recommend working with Louiza because she’s an amazing coach.  She listens for what’s important to people. She is gentle when your uncomfortable and gets you in action even when your hiding  out in life. 

Going through the coaching process made a huge change in the way that I relate to starting my business, my relationship with men and dating, and vulnerability.

I am now committed to understanding and breaking my old patterns of seeking validation from men and letting fear keep me stuck in not taking action. Since taking on coaching I also made the decision to start my own business and in doing so learned how to tap into my self worth.
— Marissa Moore, Therapist

Through coaching I was able to understand how scared I was of vulnerability and I have committed to stepping outside of my comfort zone and challenging the notion that I have to hide who I am and not show people my true self.

Coaching supported me in noticing that automatic patterns and beliefs were ruling my life and that I could consciously change my beliefs and go after what I really want. 

You will love working with Louiza. She will support you in achieving your desires in life and be help you to be accountable each week to take steps toward what you want rather than settling for what you already have. 

Susan Freeman, Photographer

Susan Freeman, Photographer

Thanks to coaching, I now feel a great sense of aliveness. I cherish my uniqueness and perspective on life in a way I never did before.  I always felt that I didn’t quite fit in, didn’t fit the mold. Now I realize that is so not important and so not me. Now I am really owning who I am.

Before working with Louiza , my biggest hesitation was that she was much younger than I. I didn't think she had the life experience to help me with the issues I wanted to work on.  I'm so glad I reconsidered and got to see that a younger person's point of view is very valuable and gave me a different perspective than that which I usually experience.

I always felt very safe sharing with Louiza and trusted that what she had to say would make a difference. Louiza was a delight to work with, always enthusiastic and supportive. Our calls helped me see so many things I might otherwise have not ever shifted.

I would absolutely recommend her coaching services to others.  Louiza has a real commitment to helping people and having their lives work. She does so with sensitivity, thoughtfulness, enthusiasm and love.


Caity Flanagan, Relationship & Life Coach

Caity Flanagan, Relationship & Life Coach

Louiza is deeply compassionate, someone who makes space for your humanity and greatness, and a stand for creating your life from your heart.

She has an amazing capacity to care and stand for her clients. Her support comes from a place of non-judgment and love. She combines coming from heart with encouragement to take on powerful and bold action that truly makes a difference and creates change.

Before we started working together I was hesitant about the time and money, of course. But more than that, I had doubts about how effective coaching would really be for me.  I wasn’t sure coaching could generate the concrete and tangible changes I wanted in my life. 

However, through coaching, I have noticed MASSIVE changes in my life as a whole from working with Louiza. From our time together I have become so clear about the patterns that keep me away from the relationships and life that I truly desire. Even more powerful than this clarity has been the support in developing new ways of being and taking action from an empowered place (i.e. generating my life from my heart and love versus from fear).

Since working with Louiza, I’ve been making harder decisions faster. In the past I have stalled from making hard decisions, especially ones that would impact others.

I would recommend Louiza to anyone. She has a knack for people, will make you positive about your future and open your eyes to possibilities.
— Dan Jappa

Louiza has helped me become more honest with people and myself. Being honest has also helped me focus on my goals and make decisions that are inline with what I really want.

I was hesitant to sign up for coaching because I was unsure I’d get enough return in my investment, however Louiza’s commitment and friendliness made the coaching way worth the price. She supported me in staying accountable, recognizing different opportunities for growth and debunking the different ways I sabotaged my own goals.   

Louiza helped me discover that the paths I believed defined success were not the only options in my life. She helped me build a strong foundation to build my future on. 

Ariana Ruth, Tour Guide Company Owner & Photographer

Ariana Ruth, Tour Guide Company Owner & Photographer

There have been huge changes in my life through working with Louiza because I began taking uncomfortable action. I moved to London, started my own business and have much better communication with the people in my life. Before I would always try and make everyone else happy, usually sacrificing my own happiness in the process. I have now found the happy medium where I speak up for what I want and it’s welcomed.

The combination of the safe space she creates with her questions have helped me dig up subconscious thoughts and blocks that I had no idea existed. I was scared that my tendency to procrastinate would get in the way, but talking every week was exactly what I needed to keep me accountable. There is a good chance that I’d still be struggling to figure out what I want to do if Louiza hadn’t kicked my butt into gear. I would definitely recommend Louiza to people wanting to restart their life and do the things they’ve been waiting to do.

David McCoullagh, Musician

David McCoullagh, Musician

Since working with Louiza I’m quick to take action around issues that are important to me, where in the past I often procrastinated for months. New opportunities are constantly arising since I’m constantly completing tasks from my new experience of urgency. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to come up with the money for coaching, but I’m glad I did. My favorite parts of working with Louiza have been the partnership with accountability and breaking down obstacles that overwhelm me so that I’m constantly progressing. I would definitely recommend Louiza because she is honest, fair, and down to earth. I feel confident sharing my weaknesses because I know she will help me vaporize my fear and create a plan of action to overcome it and move me forward.

David Twersky, College Consultant Entrepreneur

David Twersky, College Consultant Entrepreneur

Coaching with Louiza has had a big positive impact on my business and life. It has helped me organize my professional and personal life in a way that is more enjoyable and efficient. At first I was hesitant because I wasn’t familiar with coaching and I didn’t know Louiza well. Thankfully those fears didn’t get in the way because coaching helped me identify and prioritize goals, objectives, take action, have work-life balance, peace of mind, and fun.

I would definitely suggest Louiza to others. She is very knowledgeable and uses her skills to maximize the coaching experience.Through all the personal attention she gives, you can feel her genuine commitment to your growth and development.

Before I started coaching with Louiza, I was scared of the money investment and having someone “on my back” all the time. Louiza’s positive and encouraging attitude toward taking action, gave me the freedom to take on the same attitude and take action toward my goals. Thanks to coaching, I’ve been putting myself out there more, trying new things, and getting out of my comfort zone on purpose. I have found ease and peace in doing things that were outside my comfort zone. I’m intentional about what I’m creating in my life because I see the relationship between clarity and spirituality.

I would absolutely recommend Louiza because she is such a safe landing place. She is pure support, compassion, and empowerment for the people she works with.
— Diana Smith, Life Coach

Patrick McMullan, ALCS Capital Investments Entrepreneur

Patrick McMullan, ALCS Capital Investments Entrepreneur

Before I started working with Louiza, I didn’t know what to expect and was quite nervous. The biggest change for me was the awareness of the old sabotaging ways I experienced things that kept me feeling good and safe. Unfortunately, chasing these good feeling were huge blocks for me because they got in the way of expressing my self and business to others and getting out of my comfort zone so I could create new possibilities. They showed up not just in my business but in life. Now I am much more aware and choose to take steps towards achieving my goals.

I would suggest Louiza for anyone looking to work through issues or behaviors that are keeping them from achieving goals, having a trusted coach by your side can make a huge difference.”

Erika Zoltec, English teacher

Erika Zoltec, English teacher

Before coaching, I was concerned about time, dedication, and money before signing up. I loved the idea but was worried that I wouldn’t be able to have all the dedication it might take.

I was just scared of financial obligations and not being able to do it 100%. Now, I make double what I did and always have extra cash every month without fail. I am even living in the apartment of my dreams!

I have noticed my entire life perspective shift. My life used to be controlled by fear and one of the first things I learned was to release it. Now, I don't even remember what fear and anxiety are. They make no sense to me anymore! That is the most amazing part!! I live with no worry or fear because I simply trust myself and my life. In my surroundings, my entire life has changed in every aspect. When I first signed up, I was down because I had moved to my dream location, Valencia, Spain, and was unable to continue there because I was making no money and couldn't afford to stay. I was living there illegally and had just met the love of my life. I was sure I wouldn't be able to return to Spain to my new dream city, Madrid, and still have the love of my life be around and be legal and have a job and a busy, fulfilling life all in one. Now, one year later, I live in Madrid. The love of my life told me he never once stopped thinking of me and I am more in love than ever.

Since beginning coaching, my creative flow has been exploding nonstop. I constantly have new and innovative ideas and was referred to by my boss as "revolutionary". I live in peace, harmony, and love. My only complaint is that my face hurting from smiling has become a part of my daily routine. Negativity no longer exists in my life, there is simply no place for it.

 What I loved about coaching most was Louiza's enthusiasm. She believed in me so much that I believed in me. She guided me to an entirely new way of life and I haven't looked back since. She has shown me the path to live a great life, a life filled with doing whatever I please. She showed me how to let go of everything I was conditioned to believe through proof of how our minds work. She didn't tell me the secrets, she pointed me in the right direction and led me there. She let me figure it out on my own but together we figured out everything I was searching for. She was incredible motivation and always a positive aspect of my week to look forward to. She believed in me when no one, even myself in the beginning, did. Finally, I started to join her and believe in myself and saw the beauty of life unravel before my eyes. Once she got me to see why she believed in me so much, my entire life shifted because once you believe in yourself, it's only uphill from there. I never even saw negative things as being negative anymore. I knew they would pass and were apart of only going up. Each week I only got more and more positive. There wasn't a single drawback.

I would recommend Louiza a thousand times over again. Her service is life altering. She allows you to dig all the way to the core to begin and restructures every single aspect of life and how you see it. Thinking back it truly leaves me speechless. I have accomplished all I wanted when I started and an absolute infinite amount more. The most beautiful thing is knowing that it's not as if life is a plateau now. I continue coming up with ideas, opportunities are constantly arising, my dreams are unfolding in spades plus so much more I never could have imagined.

 You may be hesitant to begin life coaching, but there is without a doubt, absolute guarantee, that when you look back, it will have been so much more worth it than you can ever possibly imagine. You go back to the roots of your soul and reconstruct every last thing, I can't express the impact of change that occurs. The most beautiful thing is that they are the most incredible, unimaginable changes. I am so beautifully blessed to experience them and am beyond grateful to have done it. I can't even begin to picture my life without having done it, all I know is that it's nothing like what it is."

Riham Korayim, Owner of Speech Pathology Practice

Riham Korayim, Owner of Speech Pathology Practice

Coach doesn’t quite explain the role that Louiza plays in your life. She’s a mentor, active listener, spiritual guide, big sister and much, much more. Louiza is a fantastic listener, dynamic in her presentation of tools and is a connector at heart.

Her passion for connection is evident in every interaction. She is more invested in your goals than you are and is happier for your success than your mom.

At first I was hesitant to sign up for coaching.  Initially I thought of the support as an indication that I was incomplete or broken.  Once I experienced a sample session, I was relieved to hear that we would be focusing on the goal areas I wanted to grow.  

After working with Louiza, the changes have been numerous starting with the most important relationship, relationship with self. I have become loving and more compassionate. Additionally, I am now completing all tasks that normally would let fall to the sidelines. My business has grown by being present to the relationship with my clients.

I found myself and self-love in the same place. I continue to be a force of action these several months and have accomplished so many of the goals I set for myself.  I find that I continue to surprise people around me and inspire to grow.   

Coach doesn’t quite explain the role that Louiza plays in your life. She’s a mentor, active listener, spiritual guide, big sister and much, much more. Louiza is a fantastic listener, dynamic in her presentation of tools and is a connector at heart.  Her passion for connection is evident in every interaction.    

I would recommend Louiza because she’s a professional that sees your self interest at heart and finds a way to propel you to the next level. She is more invested in your goals than you are and is happier for your success than your mom!

- Riham, Owner of Speech Pathologist Practice

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